Research and Evaluation

Research and Evaluation Tools Library

CLOCC is pleased to offer a library of data collection tools to our partners. The library includes ActiGraph GT1M and GT3X accelerometers, manual counters to assist with SOPLAY data collection, digital scales and stadiometers (to measure height). All resources are available, free of charge, to our partners working on childhood obesity research and/or evaluation in Chicago who are interested in obtaining objective data on physical activity of children. To request use of accelerometer units please complete the accelerometer borrower form. For all other resources, or for more information, please contact


Considered the gold standard for collecting objective physical activity data in non-laboratory settings, an accelerometer is a small device that measures activity levels, activity patterns, and caloric expenditure. They can also be used to assess sleep.

The device is worn around the hip on a belt, and it collects data that can be downloaded to a computer using a USB cable. Data processing and analyses can be fairly involved and require the assistance of an individual familiar with data processing and statistical software

We have 55 GT3X units and 66 GT1M units. In partnership with ActiGraph, a member of the CLOCC Corporate Advisory Committee, these devices are available for projects approved by CLOCC staff. For more information about ActiGraph and their accelerometers please visit their website:

Manual Counters for SOPLAY

SOPLAY is the System for Observing Play and Leisure Activity in Youth. It allows for assessment of child/youth activity by observing a space and counting the number of individuals engaged in various levels of physical activity. The manual counters allow for researcher/evaluators to record the numbers of individuals quickly and accurately while keeping their eyes on the observation area. CLOCC has four counters available for loan.