Policy and Advocacy

Protocol for Request for CLOCC’s Support of Policies

To submit a request for CLOCC’s support of a policy, please send, at a minimum, an abstract of the policy and answers to the following questions:

  • How does this policy relate to CLOCC’s 5-4-3-2-1 Go!® message and facilitate the behaviors recommended in the message?
  • How does this policy lend itself to discussion of the social ecological model related to childhood obesity prevention?
  • Is this policy evidence-based? If so, please describe the evidence that such a policy will have intended results.
  • Can this policy be directly linked to the health and well-being of children?
  • Please describe the role that stakeholders (eg, parents or youth) have played or will play in creating the policy.
  • What is the plan for supporting implementation of the policy once it has been enacted?
  • What are the potential unintended consequences of the policy?
  • Why is CLOCC support important to the advocacy efforts for this policy?
  • What are the advantages for CLOCC if it supports this policy?

Please send all policy support requests to info@clocc.net.

All policy support requests will be sent to CLOCC’s Executive Committee
for review. Thus, please be aware that an immediate response to your request will not be possible. However, all efforts will be made to respond in a timely manner. During the review process, CLOCC requests that you do not indicate or imply that CLOCC has in any way endorsed or supported the policy initiative you have submitted for review.

In addition to organizations submitting legislation for CLOCC’s review, please note that CLOCC also intends on being proactive on policy matters. When there is a piece of legislation that has been introduced at any level of government that seems clearly related to CLOCC’s mission, the CLOCC staff will conduct a preliminary review of the legislation and, when appropriate, submit it to the Executive Committee for review and possible endorsement.

Questions regarding CLOCC’s policy and advocacy work, including the CLOCC Policy Review Protocol, may be directed to info@clocc.net.