CLOCC Watch List for Illinois Legislation

This page will serve as the rally point for CLOCC partners and the childhood obesity-prevention community to learn about new and pending legislation with the potential to impact the health and well-being of Illinois’ children. The State of Illinois’ 100th General Assembly will extend to May 31st. During that time, this page will be updated with bill descriptions, resources and calls for action. 

2017 Bill Monitoring: Updated January 23, 2017 

The Illinois Senate has proposed a sugary drink tax as part of a budget solution for Illinois (Senate Bill 9). While we work together to advocate for the revenues from the tax to be directed into a wellness fund that supports Medicaid and community prevention, the beverage industry is working hard to eliminate the tax from the plan altogether. They are getting hundreds of calls into legislators to urge them to not consider a sugary drink tax and appear to be spreading misinformation. This tax can be a win-win for the fiscal and physical health of Illinois.
There is a hearing scheduled for SB 9 on Tuesday, Jan. 24th at 3pm in Springfield. We need your help before then to ensure the sugary drink tax stays in the budget plan and to encourage the Senate leaders to put the money into a Wellness Fund instead of General Revenue Fund! 
We are asking legislators to put the revenue generated from the tax into a Wellness Fund, with $50 mil for community prevention initiatives in the first year, $75 mil in year two, and $100 mil in year 3, with the remainder of the revenue going to support the Illinois Medicaid program, including payment for community-based weight management programs.
We urge you to follow the two steps below:
1) Organizations can file witness slips in support of the sugary drink tax (SB 9) before 3pm on Tuesday by clicking here.* Fill out the information, select “proponent” and “for record of appearance only” and then submit. (We note that SB 9 has the funds going to the General Revenue Fund, but we recognize that we must show support for the tax so that the industry cannot pressure Senators to eliminate it from the plan. We continue to advocate for the funds to go to wellness.)
2) Individuals are urged to call their Senator today or Monday to say they support the sugary drink tax and that the funds should go to health and prevention. You can use this easy tool to call your Senator today:

*Witness Slips

When a bill is reviewed in committee, the State provides Illinois citizens with an opportunity to record their support or opposition to the legislation using an online form called a witness slip. This has been a valuable tactic for grassroots and community organizations to rally support from around the State and make their voice heard in Springfield.