CLOCC Watch List for Policy and Legislation

This page will serve as the rally point for CLOCC partners and the childhood obesity-prevention community to learn about new and pending legislation with the potential to impact the health and well-being of Illinois’ children. The State of Illinois’ 101st General Assembly will extend to May 31st. Please bookmark and check this page often for advocacy opportunities, and be sure that you are subscribed for CLOCC updates

Updated June 24, 2021

Federal Legislation

State Legislation

  • House Bill 2520  Appropriates $500,000 from the General Revenue Fund to the Healthy Local Food Incentives Fund for the purposes set forth in subsection (d) of Section 12-4.50 of the Illinois Public Aid Code. Effective July 1, 2021.
    • Referred to Special Issues (AP) Subcommittee
    • STATUS: CLOCC Supports

  • House Bill 3490  and Senate Bill 1846  ensure restaurants provide unsweetened water, milk or 100% juice as the default beverages in children’s meals in Illinois. Among the top-50 restaurant chains that included beverages as part of their children’s meals in 2016, two-thirds include sugary drinks on their children’s menus. This legislation will help ensure healthy choices are available and included for free as part of the default children’s meal package.
    • STATUS: SB 1846 passed both houses, awaiting Governor’s signature
  • HB 0270: Bicycle and Pedestrian Ways
    Amends the Illinois Highway Code. Provides that, in and within one mile of an urban area, the Department of Transportation shall establish and solely fund bicycle and pedestrian ways in conjunction with the construction, reconstruction, or other change of any State transportation facility. Effective immediately.

*Witness Slips

    When a bill is reviewed in committee, the State provides Illinois citizens with an opportunity to record their support or opposition to the legislation using an online form called a witness slip. This has been a valuable tactic for grassroots and community organizations to rally support from around the State and make their voice heard in Springfield.