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American Dental Association Early Childhood Tooth Decay Page

The ADA has facts, fact sheets and information about the causes of and ways to prevent early childhood tooth decay. This site also has a curriculum to teach children 4-7 years of age about dental health.

Related Interest Group(s): Early Childhood

Related Topics: Childhood Toolkit

American Diabetic Association: Healthy Habits for Healthy Kids

Related Topics: General Resources

American Heart Association: Overweight in Children

Related Topics: General Resources

An inter-governmental approach to childhood obesity in Chicago, IL

Animal Trackers

This classroom curriculum for children 3-5 years of age teaches physical activity and motor skills in a fun and interactive way.

Related Interest Group(s): Early Childhood

Related Topics: Childhood Toolkit

ATENDER MEJOR A LOS NIÑOS DE CHICAGO – Serve Chicago Kids Better Fact Sheet (Spanish)

Los menús infantiles de los restaurantes pueden
ser una opción sana.

Related Topics: General Resources

Be Your Best with Breakfast

Whole grains for breakfast promotional tool and activity

Related Interest Group(s): Schools

Best Practices for Healthy School Fundraisers

Brochure promoting non-food/healthy food fundraisers including ideas

Related Interest Group(s): Schools

Better Blocks

Provides resources to block clubs and community groups to make neighborhoods safer for walking and biking.

Related Interest Group(s): Physical Activity

Related Topics: Safe Streets, Walkability

Birthdays, Celebrations and Family Events

Tip sheet on event-specific non-food celebration ideas

Related Interest Group(s): Schools