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University Partnerships

The focus of the University Partnerships Working Group (UPWG) is to explore and support all of the ways universities, colleges, and community-academic partnerships contribute to childhood obesity prevention in Chicago including:

  • research, surveillance, and program evaluation
  • community-academic partnerships with community and faith based organizations or public  agencies
  • community-based or service learning (including internships and practicum)
  • curriculum development and individual courses

UPWG is a forum for innovative collaboration across disciplines and interests.  Members of this working group contribute to collaborative efforts to build the evidence base and train future leaders for childhood obesity prevention.   Members benefit from partnerships with other academic institutions, researchers, community groups and CLOCC's broad base of partner organizations that work to advance childhood obesity prevention in Chicago.

Co-chairs: Jen Kauper-Brown, MPH and Judah Viola, PhD

Sorry, there are no upcoming events for this working group at this time.

Resources and Materials

  • Presentations 

Developing Research Questions and Research Design
Maryann Mason, PhD, and Lucy Gomez-Feliciano

  • CLOCC Seed Grants 

Seed Grants page

Summary Report, 2003-2010

  • Related Publications

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