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School Systems

This group serves as a resource to schools and school administrators as they promote increased physical activity and improved nutrition in schools. The School Systems Working Group provides technical assistance and information to various schools and systems at several levels (eg, individual charter schools, public and parochial schools). A major initiative of the School Systems Working Group is the Healthy Teacher Network.

Chair: Amy Skeen, MSW, LCSW

Minutes from previous working group meetings can be found in the Archives section below.

Sorry, there are no upcoming events for this working group at this time.


Working Group Resources

The Healthy Teacher Network is a group of teachers from across Chicago learning how to promote healthy eating and physical activity in their classroom and school from experts in the field. The goals of the Healthy Teacher Network are to: provide tools and resources for teachers interested in promoting healthy lifestyles, support teachers currently advocating for healthy lifestyle programs, curriculum, and policies in their schools, promote healthy lifestyles for students and highlight the unique role of schools, and share cutting edge topics and practices in obesity prevention as it relates to schools.

On November 24, 2008, the School Systems and Government Policies and Programs Working Groups co-presented the Physical Activity in Schools Meeting. This powerpoint was given by the keynote speaker, Charlene R. Burgeson, Executive Director of the National Association for Sport and Physical Education (NASPE).

This brochure summarizes the knowledge on how child overweight, specifically nutrition and physical activity, impact academic performance.

This brochure was developed to support classroom teachers who would like to incorporate student physical activity into their school day. It was originally created to support Chicago Moves Day, but is useful for year-round in-classroom activity breaks.

  • Nutrition and Physical Activity Manual for Schools

This manual was created for schools that includes many resources to promote healthy lifestyles in the classroom, including lesson plans, handouts, and resource guides. It is available for download by chapter:

Classroom Reward Options

Food and Nutrition Activities

Fundraising Ideas

Math Classroom Activities

Physical Activities for Classroom and Outdoors

Reading Classroom Activities

Science Classroom Activities

Teachers' Reading Materials


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