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Governmental Policies and Programs

This working group brings together CLOCC's governmental and non-governmental partners to serve as a childhood obesity prevention policy resource for the rest of the Consortium, discuss innovative policy and programmatic solutions for the issue, and make connections for future advocacy work. The working group welcomes any organization, regardless of policy experience.

Chair: Joseph Harrington

Sorry, there are no upcoming events for this working group at this time.


Working Group Resources

  • October, 2009 CLOCC Childhood Obesity Prevention Policy Meeting

On October 16, 2009, the CLOCC Governmental Policies and Programs working group hosted the CLOCC Childhood Obesity Prevention Policy Meeting at Kennedy King College. The purpose of this meeting was to allow members of the CLOCC network to: 1) learn about progressive childhood obesity prevention policy initiatives taking place in other metropolitan areas across the nation; 2) dialogue with each other about their current interests in childhood obesity prevention policy-making as well as what is feasible in the current economic climate; and 3) have the opportunity to talk with one another about potential next steps in childhood obesity prevention policy-making in Illinois and Chicago.

The following are the links to the presentations from the meeting:

On November 24, 2008, the School Systems and Government Policies and Programs Working Groups co-presented the Physical Activity in Schools Meeting. This powerpoint was given by the keynote speaker, Charlene R. Burgeson, Executive Director of the National Association for Sport and Physical Education (NASPE).

Read the protocol for soliciting CLOCC's support for legislation related to childhood obesity prevention.

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CLOCC: Taking on childhood obesity in Chicago