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Accelerometer Library

The CLOCC Accelerometer Library (CAL) is a resource available to CLOCC community partners interested in obtaining objective data on physical activity of children. The CAL is stocked with 85 ActiGraph accelerometers GT1M software, hardware and limited support. In partnership with ActiGraph, a member of the CLOCC Corporate Advisory Committee, these devices are available for projects approved by the CAL staff. The CAL is managed by Sarah Welch. For more information, call 312-227-7045 or email

Accelerometers are now considered the gold standard for collecting objective physical activity data and are used by the NHANES.  The device is very small and is worn around the hip on a belt, and it collects data that can be downloaded to a computer using a USB cable.  Data processing and analyses can be fairly involved and requires the assistance of an individual familiar with data processing and statistical software.

Borrowing Information:

Physical Activity Assessment Tools
These charts summarize the current “best practices” of physical activity assessments including accelerometers.

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