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Curriculums and Activities

5-4-3-2-1 Go!


Many outside sources have free lesson plans available that support part or all of the 5-4-3-2-1 Go! message. These include the following:

American Heart Association

Includes resources and curriculum for teachers that support a healthy lifestyle.  There are activities on many topics for grades Pre-K to 8th. (Available in English and Spanish)

Bam! Body and Mind™

Teachers can use this website for handouts, activities, activity cards, and banners for their classrooms to encourage physical activity and nutrition.

Do More, Watch Less

Try these activities in your program to gradually reduce TV viewing time. Created by the California Obesity Prevention Initiative.

Kids Eat Well

The Illinois Nutrition Education and Training Program aims at providing teachers and childcare staff resources to support child health.  Find information on nutrition and physical activity.

Media-Smart Youth Curriculum: Eat, Think, Be Active

Lessons for after-school programs geared at kids ages 11-13 on how the media affects health, establishing healthy behaviors, and skills to make informed decisions about eating healthy and physical activity.  

Milk Matters

From the National Institutes of Health, this website includes curriculum to teach the importance of dairy and calcium in children’s diets.  Also, the section Just for Kids! includes games to help kids learn more about calcium.

National Dairy Council Child Nutrition Tools & Resources

The National Dairy Council offers toolkits on topics including child nutrition and Fuel Up to
Play 60.

Nutrition Explorations

This curriculum endorsed by the National Dairy Council includes simple lessons and games for kids to learn about fruits, vegetables, and dairy. Additional educational tools can also be ordered including colorful food models and informative handouts.

PE Central

Find physical activity lessons, quizzes and more.

Playworks Playbook

The Playworks Playbook provides a number of games and physical activities that teachers can implement into their classes.  There are even tips for 5 minutes games to squeeze in between lessons.

Produce for Better Health Foundation

Produce for Better Health Foundation has published this website with curriculums for teachers to help their students learn the importance of healthy eating habits. 

USDA Team Nutrition

The USDA’s extensive nutrition curriculum and tools organized by the audience including parents, child care providers, teachers and food service professionals.

We Can! Energize Our Community

Lessons for adults and teens on energy in/ energy out, balancing consumption with physical activity, portion control, and tools for tracking active behaviors.


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