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Here are links to outside resources on a variety of topics related to childhood obesity prevention. Send suggested additions to (For information on resources for early childhood, go here.)

Childhood Overweight and Obesity:

American Diabetic Association: Healthy Habits for Healthy Kids

Cleveland Clinic/WebMD: Weight Loss - Obesity in Children

National Institute and Diabetes & Digestive & Kidney Diseases: Weight Loss and Control

Surgeon General's Call to Action to Prevent and Decrease Overweight and Obesity in Children
and Adolescents

American Heart Association: Overweight in Children

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: Strategies and Solutions - Childhood Overweight and Obesity

Harvard School of Public Health - The Obesity Prevention Source

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School-Based Programs and Resources:

CATCH - Coordinated Approach To Child Health


Yoga Ed.

TAKE 10!

North Carolina Physical Education Energizers

California Adolescent Nutrition and Fitness Program (CANFit)

USDA Food and Nutrition Service Eat Smart Play Hard

USDA Food and Nutrition Service Team Nutrition

Guidelines for Collecting Heights and Weights on Children and Adolescents in School Settings:
Center for Weight and Health, University of California-Berkeley

EatFit Teacher Curriculum and EatFit Student Workbook

Food and Nutrition Information Center - Childhood Obesity: A Resource List for Educators
and Researchers

Let's Move! - Healthier Schools

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School-Focused Organizations:

Action for Healthy Kids

Healthy Schools Campaign

Communities In Schools of Chicago

Illinois Nutrition Education and Training Program

Illinois After-School Partnership

Stakeholders Collaboration to Improve Student Health

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Fitness and Exercise:

Chicago Park District

Mayor's Fitness Council

YMCA of Metropolitan Chicago

Fitness & Exercise Guide for Children

The President's Challenge: Kids

Knowledge Path: Physical Activity and Children and Adolescents

Healthy, Physically Fit, and Ready for Action: Addressing the Physical Education and Activity Needs of Individuals with Disabilities

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Nutrition and Healthy Food Ideas:

North Dakota State University Links to Nutrition Information

Recipes for Heart-Healthy African-American Style Foods

USDA’s Food and Nutrition Information Center

USDA's MyPlate

San Francisco Health Plan Health Education Library for Nutrition/Physical Activity (resources in English, Spanish, Chinese, and Vietnamese)

University of Minnesota School of Public Health Guidelines for Offering Healthy Foods at Meetings, Seminars, and Catered Events

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Information for Clinicians:

American Public Health Association (APHA) Toolkit for Intervention of Overweight Children and Adolescents

Arkansas Center for Health Improvement BMI Database

Borden Center for Nutrition and Wellness Snackwise Nutrition Rating System

CDC Inventory of Qualitative Research in Nutrition and Physical Activity

Foodroutes Tools for Action

Fresh Ideas for Community Nutrition and Physical Activity

HHS and USDA's Dietary Guidelines for Americans 2010

Kansas State University Community Health Institute's Healthy Places

La Leche League Bibliography - Breastfeeding and Obesity Prevention

The Michigan Team Nutrition Booklist - Michigan State University Extension

Strategic Plan for NIH Obesity Research

United States Government Accountability Office Report on School Meal
Programs and Competitive Foods

U.S. Food and Drug Administration's Make Your Calories Count

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Information for Parents:

Helping Your Overweight Child

If My Child is Overweight, What Should I Do About It?

Children and Weight: What's a Parent to Do?

Childhood Obesity Recommendations for Families from the Mayo Clinic

BodyWorks - A Toolkit for Healthy Teens and Strong Families

Let's Move! - Healthy Choices

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Food Access:

Chain Reaction: Income, Race, and Access to Chicago's Major Player Grocers

Transportation and Food: The Importance of Access

USDA Food Environment Atlas

Let's Move! - Accessing Healthy & Affordable Food

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Built Environment:

Designing for Active Transportation

Designing for Active Recreation

Designing for Active Living Among Children

Designing to Reduce Childhood Obesity

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Multimedia Resources:

Webinar - Framework for Creating a Community Plan to Target Obesity
Featuring CLOCC Executive Director Dr. Adam Becker

DVD - Food and Fitness Matter: Raising Healthy, Active Kids

DVD - Creating Healthy Families (includes both English and Spanish versions)

Resource Kit - Children and Weight: What Communities Can Do

Resource Kit - Let's Get Moving! (includes both English and Spanish versions)

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