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These research abstracts were presented at the March 3, 2005 Quarterly Meeting:

Pediatric Obesity Reduction at Access Community Health Network, Austin Family Health Center
Abdel Fahmy, Illur Sathy

Worms, Bees, & Bicycles: A Lively Neighborhood Project to Lower Obesity in Humboldt Park and Logan Square Children
Liz Sunderland

Take Charge of Your Health with Girls in the Game & Union Park – Cooking for the Health of It!
Anastasia McGee, Jessica Allender

Statewide Health Fitness Project — March 2004 CLOCC Seed Grant Recipient
M. Eliza(Beth) Verner, Weimo Zhu, Jennie A. Gilbert

Social and Behavioral Factors are associated with Metabolic Syndrome Components in Hispanic Adolescents
Susana Mascarell, Nike Mourikes, Meenakshi Pande, Carolyn Lopez, and Leon Fogelfeld

Metabolic Syndrome Factors in Hispanic Adolescents: Association with Atherosclerosis Markers
Susana Mascarell, Nike Mourikes, Meenakshi Pande, Carolyn Lopez, and Leon Fogelfeld

Prevalence of Overweight in a Sample of Chicago Preschool-Aged Children
Lindsey Turner, and Sarah Hagin

Prevalence of Overweight (OW) and At Risk of Overweight (AROW) Among Chicago 3-5 Year Old Children 2002-2003
Maryann Mason, Patricia Meleedy-Rey, Katherine Kaufer Christoffel

Physical Education Instructional Profile and Needs Assessment in the Chicago Public Schools
D.Q. Thomas, P. Faire, and S. Verbel

Obesity: Assessment Tools and the Family Approach
D. Sinha, M. Mason, K. Kaufer Christoffel

National School Meals: Not the Only “Meal Ticket” in Illinois
Deborah Rees, Barbara Burrell

Prevalence of Childhood Obesity in a Predominantly Latino Community
Julia Chu, Dennis Vickers

Every Body’s Different; A Conference on New Approaches to Health for Children and Adolescents of All Sizes
J. Hill, E. D’Urso Fischer, L. McDonald, D. Weingstein, J. Kaiser-Froehlke, V. Burr

An Ecological Approach to Understanding Factors that Influence Dietary Practices in African-American Children and Their Caregivers
Angela Odoms-Young Shannon Zenk, Robin Jarrett

Documenting the impact of a salad bar and nutrition education program on children’s eating patterns and attitudes: A Cool Foods pilot study in a Chicago Charter School
Yolanda Suarez-Balcazar, Joanne Kouba, LaDonna Redmond, Maureen Hellwig, Louise Martinez, Camille Reid

BioMeasure Youth: An Electronic Measure of Height, Weight and BMI
D. Sinha, M. Mason, K.K. Christoffel

Assessment of the BioMeasure Youth Device for Evaluating Height, Weight and Body Mass Index in Children Attending a Busy Outpatient Clinic
Simona Korff, Tammi Jones, B Li, and Timothy Sentongo


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