CLOCC Watch List for Illinois Legislation

This page will serve as the rally point for CLOCC partners and the childhood obesity-prevention community to learn about new and pending legislation with the potential to impact the health and well-being of Illinois’ children.  The State of Illinois’ 99th General Assembly will extend to May 31st. During that time, this page will be updated with bill descriptions, resources and calls for action.

Witness Slips: When a bill is reviewed in committee, the State provides Illinois citizens with an opportunity to record their support or opposition to the legislation using an online form called a witness slip. This has been a valuable tactic for grassroots and community organizations to rally support from around the State and make their voice heard in Springfield.


2016 Bill Monitoring: Updated March 1st

HB 6027 – Healthy Local Food Incentives Fund 
The proposal calls for a $1M state investment to create a Healthy Local Food Incentives Fund. The Fund will support “Double Value Coupon Programs,” creating affordable access to healthy food at farmers markets and other direct producer-to-consumer venues for Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) recipients. This has the potential to reach 2 million SNAP users. Learn more here.
CLOCC’s position: Support
Action you can take: Monitor the bill’s progress here. You can make a record of your support for this bill by filling out an online witness slip here. Select HB6027, select “proponent” and “for record of appearance only.”