CLOCC’s 20 Under 20 Awards

Kathy Kaufer Christoffel

When CLOCC founder and Lurie Children’s pediatrician, Kathy Kaufer Christoffel, retired in 2012, CLOCC was celebrating its 10th anniversary. To mark this milestone and to recognize Dr. Christoffel’s legacy, CLOCC initiated the “Founder’s Award.” Nominees for this award were seasoned leaders and visionaries in Chicago in fields aligned with our obesity prevention mission. They were boundary spanners, able to connect diverse sectors for collaboration to address the complexities of the problem. They were innovators who made advances in one or more of CLOCC’s goals. Seven individuals were selected over the years: Colleen Lammel Harmon from the Chicago Park District, Lucy Gomez Feliciano from the Logan Square Neighborhood Association, Rob Castaneda from Beyond the Ball, Melody Geraci from the Active Transportation Alliance, Steve Whitman (posthumously) from the Sinai Urban Health Institute, Angela Odoms Young from University of Chicago Illinois, and Jennifer Herd from the Chicago Department of Public Health.

This year, as we launch our 20th Anniversary celebration, we find it only fitting to once again recognize our founder’s legacy, but THIS time by focusing on young, emerging leaders who are the future of childhood obesity prevention.

CLOCC is proud to introduce the 20 Under 20 Awards, recognizing 20 young Chicagoans, age 19 and under, who are leading future generations to better health. We invite the CLOCC network to join us in identifying and celebrating young leaders who, through participation in school and/or community programs, or their own individual initiative, are inspiring their peers to make healthy choices in their own lives, and building environments that support health in their schools, neighborhoods, and communities.

Twenty honorees will be recognized from July to November in CLOCC’s various communications, including several honorees who will be featured at CLOCC’s 20th Anniversary convening in late 2022. Each honoree will also receive a gift card to support their continued health and wellbeing. To submit a nomination for CLOCC’s 20 Under 20, please review the guidelines and use the provided form. Questions can be submitted to

Nomination Guidelines

  • Nominations must be submitted by an organization, school or other partner aligned with CLOCC’s work.
  • You may nominate an individual or group, but only one gift card will be supplied per award; all stipulations below still apply to groups
  • You may nominate an individual or group, but only one gift card will be supplied per award; all stipulations below still apply to groups
  • Nominees must be 19 years old or younger prior to the submission deadline of June 17, 2022 (Nominees must be born after June 17, 2002).
  • A nominee’s efforts towards community health should be demonstrable and have already occurred or be ongoing (no future or proposed efforts) at the time of nomination.
  • A nominee’s efforts should be focused in the City of Chicago.
  • Examples of CLOCC-affiliated work include (but are in now way limited to!):
    • Creating or leading a gardening, healthy cooking or food pantry club
    • Introducing exercise, sports or other physical activity opportunities to peers
    • Cleaning up parks, playgrounds or other community spaces
    • Participating or leading a group that supports unhoused kids and families
    • Advocating for cycling lanes, bicycle parking or similar infrastructure