CLOCC’s 15th Anniversary

In 2017 we are excited to mark the 15th yeaCLOCC Logo Redesign_08.12.09r of the Consortium to Lower Obesity in Chicago Children. Together, thousands of organizations and passiona
te health advocates have spent the last 15 years creating heatlhy children, families and communities. We have seen important advances in research, policy, and practice. While rates remain high (and may still be increasing in lower-income communities of color and at the highest extremes of the BMI continuum) we have seen significant improvements in environments where children live, learn, and play.

Over the coming year you will see, and hopefully contribute to, our celebration of all that we have accomplished together. In this spirit of longstanding collaboration, we want to make this year all about YOU and your continuing efforts to change the course of childhood obesity in Chicago.

Throughout the year, there will be two ongoing opportunities to take part in the celebration; See below for details! We eagerly anticipate sharing your creative approaches to obesity prevention and to recognizing the important milestones that we have achieved.


CLOCC’s Childhood Obesity Prevention Hall of Fame

Submit a Photo and then Vote for the Most Important Advancements in Obesity
Prevention From the Last 15 Years

In the 15 years since CLOCC was founded, there have been significant advancements in what we know about childhood obesity and the most effective strategies for preventing it. People, policies, scientific discoveries, reports, events and more have had significant influence on how we think and what we do about this epidemic. 

To commemorate our 15 years together, we are building our very own virtual “Childhood Obesity Prevention Hall of Fame.” We invite CLOCC partners to help cultivate a list of the 15 things that have had the greatest impact on our field and our work over the last 15 years. 

To contribute a candidate for the Hall of Fame, find or create a photo or visual representation of your submission and post it to CLOCC’s facebook page with a brief description. You can also tweet contribution using the hashtag #CLOCCat15. At the end of the year, we’ll invite the entire network to vote on the final inductees into our Childhood Obesity Prevention Hall of Fame. The final Hall of Fame will be unveiled at CLOCC’s December Quarterly Meeting.


15 for the Future!

Share 15 Ways YOU can Move Obesity Prevention Forward in 2017

The most important celebrations are the ones yet to come, when we change the course of childhood obesity together. We want CLOCC partners to tell us 15 things that YOU will do in 2017 to advance obesity prevention…15 for the Future! Your list can include commitments in you personal or professional life, or things that you will tackle as an organization.

Submit your list on CLOCC’s facebook page or email it to! All year long, we will highlight your creative suggestions in our newsletter and social media pages and, of course, give you all the credit.  You can also tweet any portion of your list with the hashtag #CLOCCat15

Click here to check out a 15 for the Future list that CLOCC staff members put together to help you get started with your own lists! 

Commitments from individual CLOCC staff

  1. Incorporate 5-4-3-2-1 Go!® in daily life
  2. Introduce 15 new fruits and vegetables to my children during the course of a year
  3. Spend 15 minutes each week writing legislators to advocate for key childhood obesity prevention policies if they are undermined by the new administration
  4. Identify 15 ways to be active in the winter
  5. Invite 15 people or organizations to join the CLOCC network each month
  6. Commit to bringing healthy lunch from home

    Organizational Commitments from CLOCC
  7. Expand awareness of early childhood obesity prevention strategies and promote solutions through fiveSMART™ and 5-4-3-2-1 Go! Junior
  8. Help CLOCC partners create healthy settings for their staff and program participants by sharing tools and resources (e.g., Blueprint for Healthy Vending, Healthy Meeting Guidelines)
  9. Advocate to protect progress in nutrition and physical activity in local, state, and federal legislation and support new legislation at all levels that contributes to heath equity through an obesity prevention lens
  10. Build a CLOCC staff and partner contingent to ride at least 15 miles of Bike the Drive
  11. Contribute actively to the City of Chicago’s “Vision Zero” 
  12. Share at least 15 new ideas, events, organizations or people to follow via social media monthly
  13. Commit to educate a new generation of public health professionals about obesity prevention
  14. Hold monthly or weekly walking meetings
  15. Actively advance Healthy CPS through partner education, support, and connection to Chicago schools